Gigi Lamayne Explains Whys She’s Been Quiet

Gigi Lamayne Explains Whys She’s Been Quiet

Gigi Lamayne Explains Whys She’s Been Quiet On Social Media

Gigi Lamayne, whose biological name is Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney is a South African hiphop artist, she currently is a four time Hip Hop Award-winning poet, MC, singer and even more.

The South African sensational singer and song writer was born in the year, 7 July 1994, at Lenasia Gauteng, South Africa, and is surrently signed with one of the most popular record labels in South African named Ambitiouz Entertainment.

The SA female entertainer Gigi Lamayne, recently spoke at length as to why she has been mute on social media which obviously makes it seem like she has decided to hide.

On her Instagram update, she really did lots of explanation, nevertheless, Gigi has promised fans and friends that she is going to bounce back to the usual social life she’s known for and also be available for any one that cares about her sooner than we expected.

On her update she read; “So I know a lot of my industry people are wondering where I’ve been because I’m only in spaces where I’m working or gigging or in meetings. I’m in spaces where I absolutely have to be there for one reason or another. After my whole experience I’ve been beginning to relearn a lot of things. I suffer from mad anxiety and so it really isn’t you but just me trying to re- intergrate myself socially and I’m coming along just fine. It’s been hard to point out and just like a child learning their first steps I’m learning how to do this social thing again so no hard feelings but thank you for every invitation, every thought and shout out. I’ll be out and about real soon. P.S. ( the Gigi Gang show is taking up lots of my time and so is studio) but it’s no hard feelings and I love you lots.

The female rapper no doubt had a busy and fun filled weekend as she was on her concert; “Road to Gigi Gang Show”. Reports from the female singer suggests that the concert was a success. And so, we now await for her one person show, which has been named Gigi Gang show, scheduled for 4th of May right at Elkah stadium, South Africa.

Read the updates from the artist below.

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