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Youtube Awards Lasizwe Silver Play Button - Africanlantern

Youtube Awards Lasizwe Silver Play Button For Reaching 100k Subscribers

You may not be aware, but Thulasizwe Siphiwe Dambuza is the biological name for Lasizwe Dambuza who is a South African entertainer.

Lasizwe is a SA television personality, radio host, social media personality, actor, comedian and also a frequent YouTuber. The very young entertainer became an internet celebrity by uploading videos made by himself where he interprets how South Africans do act everyday on on the social media.

Not long ago, the Media personality Lasizwe felt excited with the reward he received from the world number 1 streaming service, Youtube. An award for reaching up to 100k subscribers.

The SA entertainer Lasizwe, was given a Youtube silver play button, and of course he felt proud as he flaunts and shares snaps of it on his social media pages.

He however, felt the need to thank his fans, who did made it possible for him for making the feat and thereby honored by given an award from Youtube.

In his words, we quote; “I have no words to explain how I feel! I have been awarded by @youtube for reaching over 100 000 Subscribers on my channel! I can’t thank you enough! You made this possible. I love you so much. This again is OUR award!

The young SA reality show host is just a 21 year old, born in 19 July 1998, but at a very young age, he has been tagged as one of the few South Africa’s most influential celebrity.

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